YouTube SEO Tips 2018 - How to Optimize YouTube Videos
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YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks in 2018 // GET MORE VIEWS!

Fact, optimize your videos meta data properly and you’ll easily drive more views on Youtube. In this YouTube SEO Tips 2018 video, I address common questions such as “is it ok to change my meta data”, “what’s the best way to optimize my video” and of course “how can I get more views”.

This video is packed full of YouTube tips and tricks that work today and they’ll work tomorow. It’s all about YouTube seo optimization and making better decisions regarding how you create your YouTube video titles, tags and descriptions.

This YouTube seo guide actually walks you though how I optimized this very video to drive more views in 2018. That’s the power of youtube video seo tips and strategies.

These tips will allow anyone regardless of age, race, creed, regligion, experiance or lack there of to optimize thier Youtube meta data to drive mroe views.

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44 thoughts on “YouTube SEO Tips 2018 – How to Optimize YouTube Videos”

  1. I love your videos! Iv been watching alot of other video influencers and you are the first one to really go onto depth with each topic. I come out learning a lot from your videos!!

  2. Hi Brian! I’m new to the channel; Ryan from Crimson Studios sent me here. These are great tips; I never thought of them before. I’ll go back and rewatch this video again, just to get the confidence back on YouTube. Just subscribed; you are awesome 😎. 🦋✨

  3. Great video about meta data and how to use the search to find keyword terms. I have a question that has been on my mind for awhile when it comes to the videos I produce. An example is on my channel I am in production of creating videos based on indie games within the gaming genre. I noticed in the past whenever I did realitivly smaller games or demos, it's has been harder to search for the ketword titles. I wonder should I focus some of my content on bigger releases and their keywords? Also if I am covering something that doesn't have a lot of videos on it, would there be any specific way to title or tag those?

    Thank you. This has been constantly plaguing my brain, haha.

  4. Hi Brian G, I'm staking my claim and amplifying my message. I did all my homework from the livestream. I wasn't able to find a white text with black outlines so I just made them black. i also made the schedule small and off to the side. I also put detailed titles on all my playlists. I also changed the first video on the playlist so that they all have my branding on them. I'm still trying to learn the strategy with the titles. I'm at a loss with that skill. Thanks again

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the great video and all of your videos! I had no clue that waiting 30 days before changing the title would actually affect this and as I watched it I realised, oh crap, I literally changed a word or two from my latest video's title a few hours ago!

    I was just also wondering how the titles and specifically writing search terms would affect a gaming channel like mine? My latest video title is "UGANDAN KNUCKLES KNOWS THE WAY?! | VRChat Gameplay Episode 1 (HILARIOUSLY STUPID)". The first phrase isn't something someone would specifically search for neither is the end phrase saying "HILARIOUSLY STUPID". I see plenty of big gaming channels using this similar style, but what would you suggest as like you mention, phrases should be what people are searching for?

    I wish you all the best and keep up the great work with your channel, I absolutely love your videos!

  6. Brian. I have had a mature beauty channel for just 11 months and already have almost 19k subs using your great tips! Thanks so much! Bought your great book and also just signed up for Morning Fame. Love all your generous sharing! 💝💝💝

  7. Hey Brian, new fan here! I wanted to ask you directly: Did you notice any difference in subscriber counts between your solid white backgrounds vs showing your office / studio? Thank you and blessings.

  8. Really practical tips and advice! I know I've been making the 30 day thing mistake! Thanks for also making me aware of the buzzwords in the thumbnail tactic! Gonna be referring to that last video you made for those now! 😂

  9. Very interesting! Very informative.
    So, if I have made changes to everything…title, description, and all of the tags, in order to amplify/optimise… does that take my video back to square one with the algorithm process? Or does it cause more damage? Thanks!

  10. 1,290 views on this video when I watched it. You're on fire!

    I'm going to be going back to my old underperforming videos from more than a year ago and redo titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails. But I'll do them one at a time, and observe what happens to them. I'm hoping to get extra watch time from old videos as I give them new life.

  11. Brian.I am one of those people who just doesn't know how to correctly read the information from the watch time and viewer retention analytics on one particular video…any help would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I am watching step 2 and Brian is reminding me to stick around because it is about to get good in step 4.. Great strategy for audience retention = more watch time!👍

  13. Your channel has more authority than mine (presumably). I have run into an issue when i target a keyword phrase. I target ones that have the lowest number of total videos in the search results I can find (usually between seventy five thousand and the low hundreds of thousands). The videos also tend not to have the exact phrase in the title,tags, and description (no relevancy boost?). Sometimes I still do not rank for them or I rank really low, like 8th. Do you still let it sit for 30 days or do you change the metadata right away until you find something you can rank for?

  14. I see when I type in youtube looking for a key phrase & hit enter, tubebuddy comes up on the side with, show keyword score, & if you click on that it gives a score rating. Some key phrases that show under what I type in, score better & some score very bad. This has helped me with wording my keyword phrase, & adding some tags.

  15. what about changing thumbnail?  I had a video that got like 1500 views per day for a # of yrs. I changed the thumbnail and the views seemed to decrease by about 25% on that vid…Thumbnail is much better tho.

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