What Camera You Should Use for Live Streaming
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In this video I talk about how to select a camera for live streaming. If you stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live or your Website, you’re going to need to select a camera to use. What are the requirements you should be looking for when you purchase cameras for your live stream setup? I hope to answer those questions in this video.

Entry Level Camera
Canon VIXIA R800:

Mid-Level Cameras
Canon XA11:
Canon XA15:
LANC Remote Control:

High-End Camera
Canon XF200:
CCU Remote for XF200:

PTZOptics Gen2 SDI 20x Camera:

My new favorite interface for live streaming!
AJA U-Tap:

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20 thoughts on “What Camera You Should Use for Live Streaming”

  1. For audio, can I directly plugin dual 1/4 to TRS cable from mixer to canon HF R800, without using "audio interface"? Will my camera break?

  2. Hi, How do you suggest getting the feed from these vixia cameras from across the sanctuary. HDMI to SDI converter? Can you speak more to it and whats the optimum distance for these converters.

  3. Hi, i am planning to do live streaming using OBS which can stream later to Facebook remotely. what kind of camera should i use on the location and what other equipment can be added to make good or at least standard quality of live streaming that can send the video to other location ( in this case using OBS). grateful if you can send the explanation to my email address: [email protected]yahoo.com . many thanks for your help

  4. Hello, this is Bilal From Sweden. We actually started a process of live streaming and recording the service. We have received blessing materials such as a Roland V40 HD and a Matrox Monarch HD. what cameras do you suggest to use and is it better to run from the video mixer to the computer ( You tube, FB) or should we also have a software? Thanks and blessings.

  5. I'm using the XA15 on a run of 150ft with bmd hdmi to sdi converter, R800s and two computers with the SWATEMTVSHD. I can only get the XA15 and the computers to display on the multiview when it's set to 1080i 59.94. The XA15 camera shows the output at 1080p 59.94 but, won't display it on the multiview even with the hdmi connected directly to the switcher on a short cable. The computers have been confirmed 1080p by the manufacturer. The R800s of course will only show at 1080p 59.94 but, not with the computers. So all my cameras and computers are not working together. I think the camera and switcher may be faulty. I need help.

  6. Let me correct my previous post…it seems it may be the U-Tap box to me instead of the camcorder. What seems like is happening is it is heavily compressing the video and audio. The audio sounds like very loose .mp3 quality at best. So, I feel the problem is the U-Tap box. Is is suppose to compress everything that much?

  7. We were streaming using a Moto Z Force Droid smartphone and using a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter and then a 3.5 mm to mic and headphone Y and were getting excellent quality video and audio. But those adapters were very touchy with the audio, so I decided to follow your suggestions and bought the R800 camera and the U-Tap HDMI box. The first thing I noticed was the video quality was much lower quality on my Facebook livestream on the R800 than on the Moto Z Force phone. Next, the audio coming from my Facebook livestream sounds like it is in a fish bowl…horrible. Maybe I just got a bad R800, but it was a real step down in both audio and video quality, over what we were doing. About to return the R800 and search for another camcorder. Thanks for the video, it really helped in getting things setup.

  8. What are your thoughts on the 800 entry level camera vs an older gopro? Aside from the mic input, is there another reason to steer away? And if i'm streaming 4 cams through a switch, wouldn't the audio be handled through something else than one of the cams? Is there another advantage of the canon that i'm overlooking vs the gopro?

  9. Hi this was an excellent video, but i would like to know if I Can use the canon vixia hf r800 with the Blackmagic TV studio and web presenter
    I know that blackmagic is very picky

  10. Hi, I bought the Canon XA11 and I can't get HDMI output when on camera mode, The HDMI status shows blank. I tried switching from camera to media to hdmi and I still have no HDMI output.

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