The B2B Sales Secret Using Facebook Ads
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In this clip from Gary Vaynerchuk’s Inbound 2016 keynote, he shares his secret to B2B sales using an extremely effective but underutilized tools in the Facebook Ad product.

1) Facebook Ads are $5-$6 CPM now, they will be $30 CPM by 2020
2) Using the Facebook Ad product yourself is the single best way to learn it
3) Everything you could possibly want to know is available on the internet
4) Target “employees of “insert client prospect name” in Facebook Ads
5) Create photo/video content with the tag line “Does your CEO/CFO/CTO know?”
6) Cost will be less than $1,000 for small businesses less than $10,000 for big businesses
7) The result will be many of the employees of your target business sending the CEO/CFO/CTO/decision maker your content

Key Takeaway
~The Facebook Ads product provides the single most targeted advertising opportunity in history


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