How to Use Instagram to Travel for Free
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Learn more about how to use Instagram to travel in luxury and get paid to do what you love:

In this video, we cover the basic steps involved with leveraging Instagram followers to get free luxury travel. You don’t need a massive following to make this happen and you don’t need to have a travel-specific Instagram brand or page, you just have to understand how this is possible and how you can provide value to a business.

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Huge Thanks to Nagisa-Bali for the incredible Villa Bukit Karang!!


One thought on “How to Use Instagram to Travel for Free”

  1. hey guys!
    I've been travelling for a long time now and I have developed a strong connection to nature and the environment. 🌷
    Therefore I decided to create a FB page where people could swap their clothes while travelling so that they don't go wasted during trips…
    I need your help to share and talk about it because it's a new concept, so you're very welcome to check it out and join the group if you like 👍
    Hope you enjoy it and make use of it! 🙂 🌸

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