How to Use Instagram Direct Messages to Grow Your Business
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I believe using Instagram Direct Messages are the easiest (and most effective way) to GROW your business. Collaborations, shout-outs, sponsorships…all of this is just one DM away and can help get more followers…who turn into customers. This video explains how and walks you through how I make initial contact with other Instagram accounts.


15 thoughts on “How to Use Instagram Direct Messages to Grow Your Business”

  1. Hello , I have got a problem on DM .. there is always a box pooping out abt things like the action is blocked once I have sent more than 15 people on ig .. so i cannot send more than 15 msg on DM everyday which greatly affect the promotion peace of my business . Do es anyone could offer any help ? Thanks a lot !!! 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Hi Jasmine. I watch your videos and love them and that are so inspiring and helpful but than some times you use "shortcuts" like DM to a non English mother language it's difficult to know what it means 😁😁 can you please explain? What is DM? Thank you 😍

  3. Wonderful advice… you go me ready to DM some people… but I need to figure out who I want to work with…. believe it or not that hard to figure out…. since I'm​ service based. Hmmm…..

  4. I post jobs opportunities only on Instagram Stories… and i approach people i want to work with 100% through instagram DM only

  5. Jasmine your skill is amazing (photography) also your channel like Treasure Chest! Subbed right a way and waiting for your next video 🙂

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