How to Use Facebook Messenger as a CRM
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A simple and yet super effective tutorial for turning your Facebook Messenger into a CRM. This tutorial was created with realtors and mortgage loan officers in mind however the strategy, tips and tactics may be used for any Facebook page inbox.

Our tutorial focuses on managing LEADS, leads that are conversations and how to process how to manage leads as they are qualified and “flow” through your inbox.

1:45 – Old Messenger Inbox vs. New Messenger Inbox
2:46 – Labels
4:30 – Lead Scoring messages in your inbox
10:00 – Customer and conversation notes
11:00 – Add your names and date to the notes
12:15 – Saved replies
15:45 – Personalizing messages after a saved reply
16:15 – How to manage inbox folders
16:30 – Searching messages (IMPORTANT)
18:15 – Inbox, Done, Follow Up
21:20 – Assigning conversations
23:00 – Summary and takeaway


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