Top Twitter Tools Your Business

In this video, I show you 4 different Twitter Tools you can use for your business. Twitter Tools: Trendsmap – Saved Searches Analytics – Lists Connect with me on social media: Twitter: Facebook: And you can find more great articles and tutorials on Facebook and otherRead More →

How To Use Twitter - Basics For New Users! – I made a new and updated video for you guys looking to learn Twitter Basics. (Update: Twitter recently changed the layout, so I’ll make a new one for you soon.) Register for my FREE newsletter to find out when it’ll be available! Go to and register inRead More →

API de Twitter - Introducción

En este primer video del API de twitter veremos unicamente una introducción y como dar de alta una aplicación en esta plataforma. Esto es necesario ya que si no lo hacemos no podremos escribir programas que puedan ser autenticados por twitter y obtener autorización para usar el API. El APIRead More →

Twitter Tutorial 2013 - Using Hashtags (3/4)

A tutorial on how to use hashtags on Twitter and what hashtags mean! This is part 3 of a multipart video series on using twitter produced by Anson Alexander from Part 1: Introduction and User Interface Part 2: @ Mentions and Interactions Part 3: Using Hashtags Part 4: PrivacyRead More →

How to use Twitter for Business (Part 4 of 9)

Get Tweeting! Create your own Business Twitter account now with Part 4 of the Minnesota BBB 2009 Focus Seminar, How to use Twitter for Business, as Christian Del Monte, Executive VP of TMA E-Marketing, walks you through the process of setting up and configuring your Business Twitter account to getRead More →

How to use Twitter Video - What to tweet about

How To Use Twitter – Click here to access our complete FREE video training series also get our free 15 minutes per day Twitter strategy so that you can start to find more clients, make more money & build real relationships on Twitter. Inside the free training you willRead More →

Twitter Streaming API - Python & Code!

CODE POSTED BELOW! Click “show more” Python 3.4 (probably compatible with other versions) Original Guide & extra Python program options (3rd party website): Follow the Twitter API instructions on the guide above. This link will point you to where you’ll need to set up a free Twitter account andRead More →

How to find customers on Twitter who need your business

This short video walks you step by step through the process I use daily which helps find customers who are looking for a full range of specific businesses on Twitter using the free IFTTT Tool. ( This is my first ever video tutorial, I know the quality of the videoRead More →